Aldi customers can't believe their eyes – now the discounter is also getting involved HERE

Finding an apartment in Germany is becoming more and more difficult. Many cities lack affordable housing, and finding an apartment to rent can often take several months. However, supermarkets like Aldi, Edeka and Co. also face a similar problem: finding a suitable location for a new branch in the city center or obtaining planning permission is equally difficult.

To remedy this situation, Aldi Süd has been building apartments above its branches for almost ten years. The discounter uses its flat roofs to create affordable living space. The company has announced big plans for the coming years.

Aldi Süd: major projects for the real estate market

“Mixed-use properties” combine local amenities and living. The offer extends from rental and condominiums to social housing and assisted living areas, reports Aldi Süd in a press release. Depending on the location and general conditions, the company rents or sells the apartments once completed.

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The discounter has been building apartments in its branches for almost ten years. By the end of this year, there will be 550 in total. And the announcement is even more important: in the coming years, more than 2,000 additional homes will be built on Aldi Süd sites, notably thanks to the developments of projects already started. The discounter targets a particular target group.

Student apartments in Aldi branches

The living space that Aldi Süd is developing would be particularly suitable for students. “Thanks to the completed and already started construction projects, ALDI SÜD will create around 550 apartments by the end of this year, around half of which will be used by students. This shows how great the need is and how well integrated we are,” says Jan Riemann, Group Director of ALDI SÜD Real Estate.

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For example, student apartments have been built in Landau in der Pfalz and Tübingen, and one of the most sought-after mixed-use buildings is already planned in Mannheim. “We want to collaborate with cities and municipalities, remove obstacles and thus create added value together,” emphasizes Jan Riemann in the discounter's press release. As a student, living above an Aldi branch also has a big advantage: you really don't have to go far to shop.

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