Agir handicap: how to call a lawyer in 5 points?

Choosing a lawyer, fees, legal aid… It is difficult to find accessible information on legal matters. Pluriel Law Office “Agir Handicap” publishes useful questions and answers before calling a lawyer

120 is the number of advocates supporting Droit Pluriel's dematerialized permanence: ” Disability Act “. This legal information service 100% available » and free launched in April 2021 to provide advice to people with disabilities who need information about their rights. Necessary but hard to come by » (article link below). Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions…

Is an attorney always mandatory?

Certain procedures require you to be represented by a lawyer, but in many situations (child custody, disputes with your employer, etc.), this is not mandatory. Also, you can go alone to the police station or gendarmerie to file a complaint.

How can I find a lawyer specialized in my case?

The Bar Association maintains a list of lawyers classified by area of ​​law. You can check it out on the National Bar Council (CNB) website (listed below) or visit bar premises in your area. In Paris it is located at 4 boulevard du Palais (75001) and in Lyon at 176 rue de Créqui (69003).

what will this cost me

You may have legal aid on your bank card or through insurance attached to your home. Check your contracts to see if an attorney can represent you for free. If you do not have legal aid, you can take advantage of legal aid, which the state provides to anyone who does not have sufficient resources.
If you are paying your own attorney, address the issue of fees in advance. Lawyers are free to set their fees and offer an hourly rate or a fixed price, which should be specified in the contract.

Is there a list of solicitors who accept legal aid?

To get legal aid, you have to file a case with the court, which then appoints a lawyer. Another hypothesis: you find your lawyer alone and you have to ask him if he will accept your case before entrusting him with your case. If so, he will give you an acceptance letter to put in your Legal Aid file. There is no list of lawyers who offer this system.

Who pays for a sign language interpreter when meeting with a lawyer?

Sign language interpreter at client-lawyer meeting paid by deaf person through disability compensation (PCH). On the other hand, during the hearing, the judge appoints an interpreter supported by the courts (using Article 23-1 of the Code of Civil Procedure, this provision also applies before the Industrial Tribunal Board).

in practice

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