A police officer from a city in Seville is convicted of trying to defraud insurance with theft of fake jewelry

What are the chances that someone would have two diamonds stolen in two separate thefts, carried out just two years apart and committed in the same house? This is the question that hangs over a curious case recently judged in Criminal court number 12 of Seville and which resulted in the sentencing to four months in prison of a local police officer from El Viso del Alcor who had judged cheat on insurance with an alleged theft of jewelry, worth almost 100,000 euros. To this day, this municipal officer is still active and was not separated of the service. Judicial sources confirmed that he had appealed the decision.

The sentence handed down, provided by the TSJA communications office to ABC, details how Juan Francisco RP reported on May 17, 2019 that someone had entered his home the previous night, taking advantage of the fact that he had gone out with his wife to Fair of. The Alcor Viso. According to this complaint, which the Court considers to be false, the thieves had broken into a safe in the living room and had seized a fairly large haul of jewelry consisting of a rolex, a gold watch from the exclusive brand Breitlinga 1.20 carat diamond, three sets of earrings beads, gold and diamonds and several other gold pieces like a pallium embroidered with a virgin. The local police reported to their home insurance that the total amount stolen was estimated at 99,841.38 euros.

It happens, as detailed in the sentence in the proven facts chapter, that this same person had reported two years earlier, more precisely on June 25, 2016, that his house had been burglarized. And this first time, the thieves hit the target again because they took one diamond after another. break a safedifferent from the one that would have been manipulated in 2019. The agent then obtained compensation of 60,000 euros from his insurance company.

In 2017, when a year had passed since this first flight, he signed a home insurance policy with another insurer. But as the legal proceedings show, he did not withdraw as a client of the previous one, the one who had compensated him. That is, from 2017 to 2019, when the second strange theft occurred, he was paying for two similar insurance policies.

When the company that received the 2019 theft report learned that its client had already suffered a very similar theft a few years before and that he had managed to recover his insurance, it entrusted the file to the Civil Guard and to A private detective because the affair smelled bad to him.

When the alleged theft occurs, the convict goes to his colleagues in the Local Police to inspect the house, even though they had no means and said nothing to the Civil Guard.

There Criminal Judge 12 concluded after the hearing that there is sufficient evidence “which allows us to affirm, without doubt”, that the accused attempted to commit fraud. In addition to the coincidences between the two flights, the sentence specifies how, when filing the complaint second complaintwent to his colleagues from the Local Police to analyze the house “and the Civil Guard was not informed to carry out a more exhaustive inspection” despite the fact that this organization had the means to carry out this work. Scientific police.

“Although he was a local police officer and directly harmed by the criminal act, the accused appeared to have no interest in investigating the facts,” details the sentence. When the Armed Institute took over the investigation following the insurance company's complaint, it found that Eye inspection which took place in the convict's house presented irregularities that Benemérita agents confirmed at trial. “They did not even take photographs of anything they observed, and the accused was satisfied with that despite the value of what was allegedly stolen. For the amount of theft and be in inhabited house There was an obligation to report to the Civil Guard. But this was not done,” said the judge.

No papers and a fake invoice

The convict's companions who had been noticed also testified at the hearing and justified not having called the Armed Institute “because they never had vehicles and it took a long time to arrive.” An answer which did not convince the judge.

Others two clues What led to a conviction was that, despite a grand theft in 2016, the police officer failed to increase security measures at his home. I haven't installed one alarm. And on the other hand, when it came to justifying the jewels that the thieves had taken away, he only gave one “clearly false invoice“that a friend made for him on one of the stolen watches. This person testified at trial and admitted to providing this service because he was a good customer.

The now convicted man also failed to provide any documentation of the most valuable piece, the diamond. The convict claimed at trial that he had bought it from one of his uncles who was going through a bad time. “There was not even a receipt,” underlines the judge about a transaction worth thousands of euros.

This local police officer from El Viso denied the prosecutor's accusation and insisted during his statement at the hearing that he had once again been the victim of a theft.

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