A lawyer consultation service seven days a week in Bergerac, Dordogne – France Bleu

At Bergerac, lawyers want to help you better understand the legal world. They have just created a hotline, a number that works 7 days a week.

A phone number, with a lawyer on the phone. This is the beginning of this telephone line created this Thursday, February 1, by the Bergerac and Sarlat Bar Association.

“We realized that victims did not necessarily have direct contact with a lawyer, explains Jennifer Guinard, new president of the Bergerac bar association. Unlike the accused, who, from the moment they are taken into police custody, have the possibility of resorting to a court-appointed lawyer.

It is a toll-free number for crime victims. “They will have direct contact with a lawyer on duty.” Twelve will take turns seven days a week.

Good advice is not always on the Internet

For Jennifer Guinard, too many citizens feel “lost in the legal world. I also think the Internet doesn't help, when you have a problem and the first instinct is to go online, that makes things more complex and we have information that is not real.”

This number is also intended to be a help, a first step before going to the police station or gendarmerie. “There are victims who are sometimes ashamed to file a complaint, but not necessarily the courage. There are also difficulties in filing a complaint. It may happen that we find ourselves faced with a refusal.”

The number to contact the hotline is 06 81 15 75 51.


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