A guaranteed success for Valentine's Day: 4 magnificent Pandora jewelry sets

Valentine's Day is upon us, and men and women are already looking for the gift perfect for surprising your partners. As expected, stores Pandora could not sit idly by and put on sale a few sets of jeweler ideal for Lovers Day.

Having high quality jewelry that follows the latest trends is not easy, even less if you don't want to spend too much. But thanks to Pandora, we can have accessories and complements at a fairly affordable price.

Pandora bracelets are one of the company's best-known jewels, due to their great versatility and the fact that different decorations can be added, creating a completely unique bracelet. However, it's not the only piece of jewelry they own and for Valentine's Day, they put together the perfect outfits.

The 4 perfect Pandora outfits for Valentine's Day

Let’s get to know these 4 Pandora jewelry sets:

Love symbols set

We start with the perfect set to give as a Valentine's Day gift, because its design is based on love. This is a set consisting of the Pandora heart pendant, the sterling silver chain and the sterling silver charm with the symbol of love.

pandora3 set (1) (1)

All accessories included in this Pandora set can also be sold separately, and now we will show you the prices of each item:

  • Heart-shaped Pandora pendant: 49 euros
  • Chain: 35 euros
  • Charm with love symbol; 49 euros
  • Complete set: 98 euros, whereas before it cost 133 euros

Bracelet set with heart and daisies

The next set is made up of the Moments bracelet with heart closure, one of Pandora's most popular bracelets, because it combines with all types of charms so you can personalize it as you wish; the Daisy Safety Chain, which will protect our charms if the clasp opens; and the pink metallic heart charm, which will add romance and color to your jewelry collection.

pandora2 set (1) (1)

Like the previous set, this one can also be sold separately, in case you already own one of these pieces of jewelry. Let's get acquainted with the prices:

  • Bracelet: 59 euros
  • Safety chain with daisies: 39 euros
  • Pink heart charm: 35 euros
  • Complete set: 98 euros, whereas before it cost 133 euros

Freehand heart set

We continue with a set consisting of the Freehand Heart necklace and earrings, coated in 14k rose gold, adorned with brilliant-cut clear cubic zirconia stones. This set is perfect to combine with other jewelry or create a very romantic look.

pandora set1 (1) (1)

This Pandora set can also be found separately:

  • Heart necklace: 69 euros
  • Hoop earrings with heart: 69 euros
  • Complete set: 138 euros

Embossed heart set

Finally, we find a timeless set in sterling silver, which consists of a necklace adjustable in two lengths and matching earrings. Both pieces of jewelry feature embossed cubic zirconia to maximize their sparkle and luminosity.

pandora set (1) (1)

This Pandora set can also be found separately:

  • Embossed heart necklace: 79 euros
  • Embossed heart earring: 59 euros
  • Complete set: 138 euros

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