52,695.43 euros of fees paid in 2 years: at Noyon we do not skimp on legal fees – Oise Hebdo

Questioned by the opposition, Sandrine Dauchelle, dressed in red, allowed Didier Payen (white hair) to respond. – Photo: Noyon City Council.

Every week, your share of revelations about city council spending Noyon. After those related to the congratulations ceremony of the mayor last year (about 30,000 euros) and then that of Emmanuel Espanol, advisor to Sandrine Dauchellel's Compiègne (62,647 euros), here are the legal fees incurred by the city between May 2021 and June 2023… Some, which could have been avoided, were very expensive…

Oise-Hebdo was able to consult the invoices (report of expenses and fees) issued during this period by the company Carbonnier, Lamaze et Rasle, where M works.my Jerome Grand d'Esnona lawyer who is highly appreciated Sandrine Dauchelle (L.R.), the mayor of Noyon. He also chose this Parisian lawyer's brother-in-law, Olivier Morel-Maroger, as chief of staff.

After specifying that the city also hired another firm, Portelli Abogados, in both 2022 and 2023, we took a closer look at the 29 invoices issued by the firm Carbonnier, Lamaze and Rasle. As Patrick Deguise, leader of the opposition, visibly did, who responded to an oral question on the subject during the last municipal council meeting, this Wednesday, December 20.

“We were forced to request the services of the public treasury to be able to obtain copies of certain invoices,” the former mayor immediately clarified. Of course, we request very specific invoices from some service providers whose amounts worry us. Among them, we count twenty-nine invoices issued over a period of two years by the Parisian law firm Carbonnier, Lamaze, Rasle. Can you tell us why these missions were not contracted as required by law?

“A unique legal position” for Noyon and the Pays Noyonnais

It's Didier Payen, the 1Ahem deputy, who read the response undoubtedly prepared by the mayor's office. “In relation to the number of consultations, this is equivalent to an average of 800 euros per consultation and 26,000 euros per year, which does not seem excessive to us… To answer your question about the obligation to open a market, I simply point out that 52,000 euros with taxes in two years represents 43,000 without taxes and that, therefore, we are well below the 40,000 euros in two years, the threshold for public bidding in public procurement…” And the Dr Payen added: “I must remind you that we only have a legal position for the dual community that obviously cannot have the necessary time or all the necessary experience for all branches of law to instruct or advise us on these issues of administrative law and urban planning. . legal files? These files, for which we collaborate with our lawyer and our efficient urban planning services, require not only experience or simply support, often within extremely tight deadlines. These are generally legal imbroglios, sometimes old cases that require real support or simply current ones.

1Ahem then cites some examples such as “the transfer of land in a municipal subdivision in which there were rural roads, the problem of the occupation of a land by a third party being the subject of a thirty-year prescription with a draft sale for a symbolic value “. euro, while there is an estimate of the properties in total contradiction with a sale at this price. Third example: the construction of an athletics stadium on private land, with financial aspects such as the question of who pays property taxes, taxes and how to find a way out of this land occupation solution, a dispute over a citizen who fell on a public road and who questions the city about the maintenance of the roads, a change of use for a new building and the terms of setting the price.

“This experience and advice has no other objective than to allow us to move forward with less risk in complex files that often constitute the day-to-day life of the city council,” summarizes Didier Payen.

More than 7,000 euros for the illegal removal of Patrick Deguise from the electoral lists

However, voluntarily or not, the author of the note read by the elected person does not mention certain matters. An invoice dated December 8, 2022, for an amount of €7,341.38, for example. This bill relates to the removal from the Noyon electoral list of a certain Patrick Deguise. We remember that Sandrine Dauchelle had considered it appropriate, but wrongly according to the court, to eliminate her main opponent from this list. For this obvious mistake by Sandrine Dauchelle, the city had to pay more than 7,000 euros.

Other invoices not cited by Didier Payen, those relating to the complaint filed by Sandrine Dauchelle for public insult against Patrick Deguise. An invoice dated March 31, 2022, which we were able to consult, shows an invoice for expenses and fees of €2,388. Another, dated March 31, 2023, but which we could not consult, reports the same amount…

In other words, Didier Payen apparently “forgot” to mention the invoices that could obviously have been avoided if Sandrine Dauchelle had not initiated proceedings that were generally considered lost in advance against Patrick Deguise. Which, to say the least, is not a very fair game…

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