5 EdTechs that promote distance learning


Invent the class of the future

Pixminds has been specializing in new technologies and human-machine interfaces since 2012 and has already had several successes such as VR by R-Cade, an arcade terminal that allows the spread of virtual reality, or even Lexip, a mouse with two joysticks, which was awarded last year at the CES in Las Vegas. There is apparently only one step from gaming to the classroom for the startup, which has decided to put its technological discoveries at the service of education. In collaboration with the Inseec group of higher education institutions and teaching researchers from the Liris research laboratory, Pixminds has just launched a new product: La Classe du Futur. Thanks to a huge interactive screen of 20 square meters, the teacher can teach 500 students at the same time. This system is based on the patented Ark technology financed by Bpifrance and the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region.

This solution, already available in Savoy, could be used to carry out distance learning courses in another city or country.

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Tailored academic support

Wiloki offers digital home school support for children and young people from elementary school to middle school. Its special feature? The student has access to a variety of lessons and can adapt them to his level by choosing the reading speed but also the desired level of detail. Once the lesson has been learned or repeated, it is time to move on to the exercises. The algorithms developed by Wiloki analyze students' successes and mistakes in order to postpone lessons or exercises according to their difficulty points.

Wiloki is free, there is also a paid version for 24.99 euros per year, which offers additional content and a dashboard for parents.

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Helps you find a job that suits you

Poitiers-based company Pixis has developed a virtual assistant that helps young people discover what motivates them and find career fields that might be attractive to them. The user is asked to indicate his level of study and his goals. He then receives information about his skills and suggestions for positions that might suit him. The website lists more than 2,900 occupations, all linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations in 2015.

You would like to (re)orient yourself, Pixis can support you

My Future Discovery Course

Facilitates meetings between students and professionals

We sometimes dream of becoming a lawyer, journalist or chef without knowing the reality that lies behind the myth we have created. To avoid disappointment and enable young people to enter the professional world, My Future has launched the Stage Découverte application. This allows people ages 14 to 24 to connect with farmers, restaurateurs, craftsmen, accountants, etc. in their area. All you have to do is enter the profession you are looking for and its geographical location. The application will then display the available Discovery Internship offers. These meetings can last a few hours or five days.

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Secures and guarantees the execution of the exam remotely

TestWe didn't wait until lockdown to develop a secure solution for online exams. Since 2014, the Paris-based startup has been supporting universities and schools that want their students to take exams online. With the solution you can create and answer multiple choice questions or blank texts, but also create dissertations. Video and audio content can also be integrated into the tests offered. Corrections are made directly to the digital copy by the teacher, who can add notes and comments.

TestWe integrates an anti-cheat solution and works without internet access. The tool is used as a white label at universities and schools.

To discover TestWe, visit their website.

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