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I often read comments on the Internet criticizing those who spend a lot of time on social networks but do not take advantage of the goldmine that the Internet represents in terms of study opportunities. Most of the time, these comments are condescending and not really intended to encourage others to educate themselves.

However, it is true that the possibilities of online education are endless in this decade, not to mention the great leap of the last two years, because due to the pandemic we have had to work especially hard to continue providing the bread of instruction. This does not mean that it is easy to find reputable platforms with one click, scams and false advertising are commonplace. But that doesn't matter! In this guide, I will introduce you to ten (10) of the best free online courses for various industries with printable certificates.

And when I say “free,” I mean it. With a few exceptions, these online courses won't cost you a single cent. Nada. Anyen. Nothing. So let's go!

  • LinkedIn Learning (largest selection of courses)

Price: 1 month free trial

Available Courses: 16,000+

Certification: Free certificates included for all courses

At the top of my list of free online courses is LinkedIn Learning, one of the most established and trusted online course providers.

LinkedIn Learning made it to the top spot because, in my humble opinion, it covers all the bases. LinkedIn Learning has one of the largest catalogs of online video courses, with well over 16,000. Last but not least, the courses are taught by vetted industry professionals, so students know they are receiving relevant and reliable information.

When it comes to consuming course content, videos, quizzes, interactive lessons, and more are extremely engaging. Do you travel often? Carefree! LinkedIn Learning offers Android and iOS apps for on-the-go learning.

We left the best for last: the certificates. You can display them on your LinkedIn profile to showcase your skills to potential employers. You can also download and print the certificates.

The only problem is that you have free access to the content for the first month of the free trial. If you have not completed the course or want to continue with another course, you must pay. But if you were able to take all courses during this trial month, you will receive your certificate for free!

Click here to access LinkedIn Learning

  • Coursera (university-quality learning)

For free

Available courses: 1,000+

Certification: Free certificates are included for some courses

Unlike LinkedIn Learning, which creates its own courses, Coursera acts more as a platform that curates hundreds of free or paid courses available across the internet. Coursera partners with more than 200 universities around the world!

To get access to completely free courses (of which there are more than a thousand), you just need to find out which courses have financial support available and fill out the form.

The most popular course categories include IT, Business, Languages, Health, Humanities, Science, Marketing, Lifestyle, Math, Design, Web Development and more.

Click here to access Coursera

  • Udemy (great for marketing and design)

For free

Available courses: 582

Certification: Free certificates for 582 courses included

Now let’s move on to Udemy, another established provider. Although this provider primarily offers paid courses, it also offers a wide range of free video courses.

Additionally, when selecting one of their free online courses, users can also download and print a certificate of completion once the course is completed (it will be sent via email).

Just like LinkedIn Learning, Udemy vets its tutors to ensure students are provided with the best teaching materials.

Click here to access Udemy

  • Google Digital Garage (best for digital marketing)

For free

Available courses: 100+

Certification: Free certificates are included for some courses

Who has never used Google? At least not me. What most users don't know, however, is that the web giant also has a full-fledged course platform for online learning.

And it's free! Yes you've read correctly. So, it's free to get an online business management course with certificate of completion straight from the source. Most Google Digital Garage courses are completely free and include modules, no time limit, unlimited access and videos.

Once users complete their chosen course, they will also receive an accredited Google certificate that they can download and add to their resume. The courses are very interactive, which makes users motivated and curious to learn more.

Click here to access Google Garage

  • Oxford Home Study (Excellent for Management)

For free

Available courses: 49

Certification: Free certificates included in 49 courses

The relatively unknown provider is best known for its distance learning courses, but also offers numerous free online courses.

This small selection of free courses (49 in total) includes a free certificate, with no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises. Simply enroll, start learning, and receive a certificate of completion upon completion.

Click here to access Oxford Home Study

  • Microsoft Learn (best for Microsoft-related jobs)

For free

Available courses: 30+

Certification: Free certificates are included with some courses

Just like Google Digital Garage, Microsoft also offers its own online learning platform for those looking to improve their skills and career prospects.

Microsoft Learn focuses exclusively on Microsoft products, systems and software. All courses are free and include industry-recognized Microsoft certification/accreditation.

Click here to access Microsoft Learn

  • Facebook Blueprint (Digital Marketing with Facebook)

For free

Available courses: 400+

Certification: Free certificate included after passing the exam

Like me, you must have noticed: almost every major internet company has its own free online learning platform.

As Facebook is no exception, the company also has an extensive library of free courses, training and courses for those who use its online offerings. Here you will find some of the best free online courses with certificates.

What sets this platform apart from others is that students can take any of the 400+ micro-courses, but will not receive an accreditation or certificate until they pass a detailed exam to prove that they have actually covered everything.

Click here to access Facebook Blueprint

  • Saylor Academy (the online learning NGO)

For free

Available courses: 323

Certification: Free certificates included for all courses

As a nonprofit organization, Saylor is an incredible platform with over 323 free courses to choose from. She even provides free printable certificates upon completion of all of her courses

One notable difference from almost all of the other course providers on this list, which primarily offer videos, is that Saylor is presented in textbook form. Students work through each chapter and then take a quiz to advance in the course.

Click here to access Saylor Academy

  • edX.org (high-level university courses)

Price: Free + Paid

Available courses: 1,000+

Certification: Paid Certificate ($50 to $300)

If you dream of visiting some of the most famous institutions in the world like MIT, Harvard University, UC Berkeley, Boston University, etc. then edX is the perfect choice for you!

There are over 1,000 free courses to choose from, including computer science, languages, history, data science, business and management, and more. If you want to go even further, edX also offers micro-masters, masters and diplomas. These have a price.

All of their entry-level courses are completely free! The only downside is that students have to pay between $50 and $300, depending on the course, to receive a certificate at the end of their training.

Click here to access EdX.Org

  • Free Code Camp (ideal for learning programming)

For free

Available courses: 100+

Certification: Free certificate included in the price after spending a lot of time on it.

It may be last on this list, but make no mistake: Free Code Camp is one of the best free online courses on the market.

As the name suggests, new users can learn to program and use platforms such as HTML5, JavaScript, databases, GitHub, etc. In addition to a wide range of specialty offerings, Code Camp also offers thousands of free videos, articles, and interactive coding lessons.

What you need to know is that by learning new skills, you will help code websites and software for nonprofit organizations while gaining professional experience. After completing the required hours, you must pass an exam to receive a certificate and accreditation. A royal package, isn't it?

Click here to access the free Code Camp

Well, we've reached ten, so let's stop there. But there are dozens of other excellent free or paid online courses that will make you happy. When you feel ready, there is no pressure. I know from experience that online learning, even for a geek like me, requires a good disposition, interest in what you want to learn and a large dose of motivation. If you want to get started, this list is a good place to start.

Good luck!

Farah Lamercie Augustin

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